Ladywell is situated in South East London, in the Borough of Lewisham. Ladywell is a lovely place to live, with a ‘village’ area of independent shops, cafes and a pub, a railway station that gets you into central London in minutes and a wealth of green spaces, including Hilly Fields and Ladywell Fields, with the River Ravensbourne working its way through and beyond.

Ladywell Reading Room is an archive, documenting friendly encounters I have within a mile radius of where I live. I want to point out that living in a big city is not necessarily about keeping your head down and isolating yourself from those around you, but can be as friendly and community-focussed as any smaller, and more rural area. Ladywell Reading Room is an ongoing project and this site will develop and grow as my archive grows. I will use this blog to keep track of where this project takes me, and I will document my attempts at making Ladywell an even better place to live.

Please use the comments areas to add your own experiences of Ladywell, and also to contact me if you want to know more.


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